Write Circles, Dream Courage


The ending was written, I had seen it all before.

But of course, not this ending, not yours.


I liked the not knowing, the feeling of drowning,


of letting you and your dark dark hands

twist me and break me and leave me on wet sand.

I didn’t know how you would break my heart,

and that was the magic, where you told me you would start.

You were cunning and dark and you had a knife of a tongue

you used it to split me, watch me come undone.

Used it to cut and kiss and scrape

all of the places the dark had made.


It could have worked, we were so close,


I was threading our seams so they were one,

but I loved you and you loved too much.


The dark was your friend the knife was you


Your anger was there and here and inside me

I always, always, knew you were lying.

Yeah, my love, I was close to you.

And all you did was fuck me, love me,

leave me bruised.


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