“Should Have Known Better”


I should have known better, hating you, writing love letters.

I’m reduced to ashes, steam barely moves from my mouth.

Winter has frozen me over, and I’m loathe to let myself out.

The apartment is barren, and I’ve lost you.

I’ve lost the heat, I’ve lost the life, if I don’t move I’ll surely die.

I understand it, though, the dead pride that burns in lost thoughts.

The dead hope that burns in lost lives.

I could be a lost life, and you wouldn’t care. You picked me up twice,

my body laid bare.

My feet dragged on the shore, the camp was ahead of us.

You were a poet, you weren’t here for survival. You were here for charm,

what a shame you were dead wrong.

I was here because I had nowhere else to be, I had no one else to be.

When the wire got tight, when the wire got thin

you left me behind and said, “Go ask him.”


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