Vile Relationship: I Come First


CONVENIENT lips – it’s not a CONVENIENT time for me. Every time he touches me, my heart tears. Makes the sound of paper as I shred it. Legs on laps, he leans his head to rest on mine and all I notice is the irrevocable sadness of the MOMENT. I didn’t need him, like him, want him. I needed you, liked you, wanted ATTENTION. Fake love for a fake girl. A fake girl with a factory mind – I haven’t found anyone of my kind. He tried as hard as he could, shuffling priorities to place me at the top. I was a VILE, SPITTING thing when I came in SECOND. Relationships based on one person don’t mix – they dip, they spread, they never touch. Press your lips to mine and I’ll SLIT your throat. Walk around and torture your sweet ghost.

I never loved you – I USED you.

If I were better I would feel SORRY.

I don’t.


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