Young Gods: Would You Marry Me


Blue walls, dark nights, the TV can only seem so bright. I drank my way from here to you, I’ll do it again as long as I can play the fool. I’m always the fool, you’re always The God. I listen to the song, never trusting once. Crashing into you is madness. Everyone knows I love madness, people can see it when I walk by. The paint slips from my mind, the words they bleed and they tear and they scrape, you never ever noticed, it might be too late. I have more faith in you, I shouldn’t admit it. I should lock the words away, with the rest of our minutes. Minutes stretching into hours, turned into days. I had to leave, and you didn’t say “stay”. I don’t know what that means, I can’t remember what you said. I already know one drink goes to my head. I got very good at it, leaving you behind. Necessity perpetuates my lines.

But you asked and I said yes, I know it doesn’t matter, it’s not us. It was never us. I was a girl with black branches and you were a boy with the sun at his back. Young Gods can only travel so far before they splinter and crack.


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