Bruise My Lips


Fight me, hit me, bruise my lips –

rake your fingers over my hips.

If I said no, your actions would cease –

the respite would be faint, be brief.

You’re entitled to me, my everything –

my thoughts, my body, my dreams.

Deny, deny, you say I’m mine –

but you nail yourself in my mind.

You say you’ll never leave;

you don’t ask me.

The violence grows, the danger blooms –

but I can’t leave, it’s still too soon. 

I won’t tell him, he doesn’t need to know –

the way you deliberately cut out my soul.

The worst violence was not the bruises,

was not the slips.

It was every insult that fled your lips.




Dawson dreams. Dawson lies.

His lips are sweet but, his words are zip ties.

Everything draws everyone in,

deep swimming pools; dens of sin.

The water is dark, top frozen over.

there’s no light here, let’s not be sober.

Take off my shirt, trace our life on my back.

I don’t want a future, but if you’re here I’ll plan.

Draw our house, draw our rings,

we’ll have flowers and kids and things.

Rocking chairs rock when you push;

everything rolls when you’re a lush.

But Dawson dreams Dawson lies.

His lips are sweet – his words are zip ties.

Just let me go, 




Vile Relationship: I Come First


CONVENIENT lips – it’s not a CONVENIENT time for me. Every time he touches me, my heart tears. Makes the sound of paper as I shred it. Legs on laps, he leans his head to rest on mine and all I notice is the irrevocable sadness of the MOMENT. I didn’t need him, like him, want him. I needed you, liked you, wanted ATTENTION. Fake love for a fake girl. A fake girl with a factory mind – I haven’t found anyone of my kind. He tried as hard as he could, shuffling priorities to place me at the top. I was a VILE, SPITTING thing when I came in SECOND. Relationships based on one person don’t mix – they dip, they spread, they never touch. Press your lips to mine and I’ll SLIT your throat. Walk around and torture your sweet ghost.

I never loved you – I USED you.

If I were better I would feel SORRY.

I don’t.

Young Gods: Would You Marry Me


Blue walls, dark nights, the TV can only seem so bright. I drank my way from here to you, I’ll do it again as long as I can play the fool. I’m always the fool, you’re always The God. I listen to the song, never trusting once. Crashing into you is madness. Everyone knows I love madness, people can see it when I walk by. The paint slips from my mind, the words they bleed and they tear and they scrape, you never ever noticed, it might be too late. I have more faith in you, I shouldn’t admit it. I should lock the words away, with the rest of our minutes. Minutes stretching into hours, turned into days. I had to leave, and you didn’t say “stay”. I don’t know what that means, I can’t remember what you said. I already know one drink goes to my head. I got very good at it, leaving you behind. Necessity perpetuates my lines.

But you asked and I said yes, I know it doesn’t matter, it’s not us. It was never us. I was a girl with black branches and you were a boy with the sun at his back. Young Gods can only travel so far before they splinter and crack.