Daily Prompt: Maybe


you always said, “Maybe.”

break my heart?


love me?



i drank myself years and years away

from you, but you never understood

what Maybe meant. you never knew

that words crushed, so you used the

worst one as often as you wanted.


“do you love her?”



we belonged under the stars, not on top

of the earth. we belonged in champagne

bottles as the gasps of air, not as the lips

on the glass. you belonged with me, i said,

but all you said was,




via Daily Prompt: Maybe


Loving You Crazy


the sticky sweet pain of

peeling off a bandage

is why i won’t tell you

I Love You.

it’s why I stopped

smiling, and,

dreaming out loud,



I don’t want to 

be here,

next to you;

every time you tell me

im beautiful

i change the subject.

you said 

the madness of my mind

didn’t bother you.

who then, my love,

will be the sanity in

our relationship?