M Train



If you dont have it, I suggest you Get It.


Cataclysmic Love


Every time i walked next to him, behind him, by him,

i panicked.

his hands tucked in his pockets, slowly so slowly, made me realize the importance of jeans that hung just so. Just so, he always found jeans that hung just so. My heart would beat, running footsteps on the cold tile we glided over – my heart was running away from me so it could circle around you. It made me


so i could look. look at you, of course. The way you got distinguishibly red when you laughed or your hands shaking when i put you on the spot. i loved putting you on the spot. you would tease, and then apologize – kindness, kindness, kindness. you would clear pathways and you would light fires–just so.

the importance of jeans that hung just so.

just so.

just so.

Not Being Her


If you’d   act –

problems would ease.

think about it,

just think –    all i do is think.


I’ve got my messy mind –

I’ve got a girl in my head.

screaming on the banks;

take me home,

she doesn’t   belong.

The overtures before the

song starts   – her.

The waiting game, over,


for me, for her, for us, for herself, for myself,

to figure out normalities.

or passing.

or jumping –

f  a  l  l  i  n  g.


once you reach the banks,

she’s gone too far.

You can never go back to