I Just Want You To Know


I just want you to know
that I don’t think any of this is fair.
Love is love,
whether it’s unrequited
or multiplied tenfold. A dropped call
that suddenly ends “us” is just another notch on the belt.
That’s what you said.
Power lines and
county mile markers line
the roads that look better
without you to be miserable
around them.
Me? I’m fine.
I don’t resent you or any of your promises
and not once have I thought
that you should have
called by now.
So I don’t think any of this is fair.
Because it isn’t.

Drunk Romantic Comedies


When the clouds are


is the best time to dance.

Pour something strong into your

soda and shimmy while you

watch romantic comedies.

It’s perfectly okay to talk to

Chris Evans like he’s actually there.

He would definitely appreciate the compliments.

When you get bored I suggest

dancing in the rain.

Alone or with your neighbors

makes no difference.

The electric slide,

an awkward waltz with Tom from 4B who has 16 cats.

When you get tired,

come inside.

Lay on your bed and look at the clouds.

The clouds?

When they’re grey is the best time to dance.

Because your life is here, and you want

it to be there,

but for now you’re…


here with something strong, and soda.

And sometimes Tom from 4B.